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Saturday, February 3rd, 2007
7:09 pm
Changes to rules/guidelines
If we make changes to the guidelines here or add any new ones, we will edit this post to announce the change. We're keeping the comments open in case anyone has any constructive suggestions to add, but if this gets abused (i.e., "YOU'RE A BIG MEANIEHEAD!!!1!!one!!!"), the comments will be turned off.
7:06 pm
Networking post
If you are not already a member of a local-to-you Pagan-related LJ community and you want to find others near you, comment here. To make it easier for folks to find you, post your locale in the comment subject line.

I will probably add links to local communities to this post later on. Right now I'm still working on the userinfo.
7:04 pm
Introduce Yourself!
To keep the signal/noise ratio down elsewhere in the community, please introduce yourself in the comments here rather than making a separate post. Tell us about yourself and how you found us!
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