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realpagans's Journal

Real Pagans
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This community is for Pagans and Pagan-friendly to get together and discuss Pagan community, culture, and religion, with a Neopagan and Pagan Reconstructionist emphasis. For the purposes of this community, we define as follows:

Pagan: A member of any Neopagan or Pagan Reconstructionist religion or spiritual path (whichever term you use). Included among Neopagans would be any new religion made up based on Paleopagan roots or mythological influences, such as Feri, Reclaiming, or the various flavors of Wicca*. Included among Reconstructionists would be Asatru, Celtic Recon, Hellenic Recon, and similar.

Pagan-friendly: Hopefully self-explanatory but includes people who follow Abrahamic religions/spiritual paths while incorporating Pagan elements.

(This community uses the definition of Neopaganism posited by Isaac Bonewits in his essay here. His other definitions are useful for setting conversational parameters as well.)

The following guidelines are intended to keep things running as smoothly as possible:

1. If you wish to introduce yourself to the community, do it here.

2. If you wish to network with others in your area for covens/groups/classes and you're not already in a related community, do it here.

3. Be respectful of other community members. No ad hominem, snarking of other journals or communities, or baiting newbies or white-lighters. Yes, this is a fluffy-friendly community, but is open to everyone else as well. If you think someone is misinformed about a particular matter, feel free to discuss the matter with them in a RESPECTFUL manner. Otherwise, skip to the next post. What a concept!

4. Be respectful of community moderators/maintainers. Most of you wouldn't believe this, but occasionally someone comes along who thinks he can override a moderator decision and attempts it very nastily. One strike, you're out. We do welcome constructive and RESPECTFUL suggestions, if you don't get bossy.

5. Keep posts on-topic.

6. At this time we are not an advertising forum. If you have a brand-spanking new book out or just opened a new online store and want to tell the world about it, Witchvox (http://www.witchvox.com) is a great place to advertise. Trust me, they reach a LOT more Pagans than this community does. Regular coven/group/class networking is OK; please do it on the networking post (see item #2 above).

7. Follow proper LJ-netiquette: LJ-cut long posts, large graphics (more than 300 pixels wide), and anything that might not be work-safe (NSFW). If it is a NSFW post please indicate such in the LJ-cut text. Also please shorten long URLs. If you don't know how to do this, contact the mod(s) and we'll post a tutorial.

8. Proselytizing is not welcome here, and that includes from other Pagans. We're all gr'ups here, and if we want to convert to something else, believe me, we know how to use Google! Also, no religion-bashing, with an understanding that criticizing something that a religious organization does or teaches is very different from bashing a person who practices that faith. As always, keep it civil.

These guidelines are a work in progress and may be changed at any time. If they are changed the moderator(s) will make a community announcement here. It is the members' responsibility to check for changes periodically; anyone remaining a member here is presumed to have read the guidelines and to agree with them.

*crickets chirping*

OK, but really, we're here to have a good time. C'mon in and set a spell. *ducking and running*